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Brand-It Web Design provides quality Websites and Online Marketing to Businesses, Healthcare Professionals and More.

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Website Starting Points

Our Pre-Built line of Websites are all designed by our in house design team and are designed to follow what we believe to be best for both Online Marketing Purposes as well as ease of use for potential clients.  All of Brand-It Web Design’s Pre-Built websites are Fully Responsive and SEO ready with unique Page Headings, Title Tags, Meta Tags, Descriptions, H1’s and more.

We have combined our years of experience to create wireframes we believe to be perfect for both users and search engines alike.  All designs will have easy to see calls to action for potential leads and will be ready to convert clients for your business in <10 business days from receiving your finalized content.  Don’t have content or have time to write content? Don’t worry, view our Content Writing Services where our network of industry specific freelance writers can write SEO-friendly copy for you.

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Benefits of Brand-It Web Designs Pre-Built Sites

  1. Fully Responsive – will be able to be viewed optimally on Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones and More.
  2. SEO Friendly – All of our Foundation sites are designed with SEO in mind and will put your business in a great place to rank high in Search Engines such as Google.
  3. Fast Setup Times – Our Foundation sites can be ready to go live within 10 business days of you signing up.
  4. Professional Look – Our Foundation sites are also all designed in house by our design team; the same design team that designs for Custom Projects.  The only difference is these designs are already ready to go.
  5. Customization Available – Love a design but need a different color?  Or love most things about a design but just would want to change a few layout items? Not a problem.  For a low flat rate we can update colors to match your brand or change layouts to satisfy your needs.

If you are interested in signing up for one of our Foundation, Pre-Built, Sites please contact us today or give us a call at 248-860-4362.

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Brand-It Web Design was a pleasure to work with. It is difficult to find a reliable online marketing company you can trust to deliver high quality results at a reasonable price. They have exceeded our expectations and we will look forward to working with them moving forward.
- Marcus S.