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Link Building

The most basic form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is link building.  It is always important to be building relevant, quality backlinks to your site.  Previously the idea behind SEO was just to get as many links back to your site as possible – More links, more traffic, better ranking.  However, due to some of the latest changes in Google’s Algorithm the proper way to build links is to build high ranking, quality, industry relevant backlinks to your website.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is simply a link going to your website from another website.  It is important to have many links linking back to your website for reasons; 1) People can follow these links to end up on your website, 2) Google sees these links to your website as establishing authority on your website.

Establishing Authority on the Web

Quality Industry Related Backlinks build relevancy and authority on your website.  Authority simply means that others view your content as valuable.  The more people who view your content as valuable, the more valuable Google believes your content to be.  Simple.

The key is to build quality links.  An SEO company may say they will get you thousands of links.  But what are they really getting you?  It is important to understand both high ranking link and industry related links.  It is important for them to be industry related because this establishes relevancy of your website.  If you have hundreds of links from restaurant listings but you are a CPA, Google is confused.

High ranking links are links coming from high ranking sites.  For instance – What is more valuable, 1000 links from directories no one has ever heard of or 1 link from Google’s homepage.  1 link from Google’s homepage is the answer!  Getting links from high ranking sites is key to ranking high yourself.

The SEO Experts at Brand-It Web Design know the ins and outs of Internet Marketing and know what it takes to rank high.  Our team gathers the most valuable industry related links for your company on a monthly basis.  It is also important to gather the links monthly so as to look natural.  Google does not like to see that you went and bought 1000 links 1 day.  But instead, they like to see you getting a realistic number of links back to your website on a continuous basis.

If you would like to learn more about SEO or Quality Backlinks please contact us today for a free evaluation and consultation.

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Brand-It Web Design was a pleasure to work with. It is difficult to find a reliable online marketing company you can trust to deliver high quality results at a reasonable price. They have exceeded our expectations and we will look forward to working with them moving forward.
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