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New Business Model – No Problem

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After working on custom websites for over 5 years, the founders of Brand-It Web Design, Brad Randolph and Tim Taylor, have discovered the most efficient way to deliver quality websites and marketing packages to growing businesses.  From working on Countless projects, Brand-It Web Design has found that certain website layouts work better.  There are certain website layouts that work better for usability, certain layouts that work better for achieving success in search engines, such as Google, with SEO, and there are a select few website design layouts which achieve both.

Utilizing our experience on many successful projects, Brand-It web design has come up with

How Will The New Web Design Process Work?

  1. There will be two (currently one) design layouts to choose from.  A client will first choose a design layout (view web design layouts here).
  2. Client can send in their current logo and content (or link to old website)
  3. Brand-It Web Design will build the new website for the client, adding the clients logo and content, changing button and link colors and update the main image on the website in order to match the clients brand, and setting up basic SEO title tags and descriptions
  4. New website is ready to launch

Moving Forward With Brand-It Web Design

The business model makes the process of getting your website online faster, more efficient, and clients have been overall more satisfied with the process and the results.

By setting up pre-built websites we are able to give clients what we have discovered to be the most efficient layouts for achieving business goals and ranking high in Google in an extremely time efficient manner. – Brad Randolph, CEO

Brand-It Web Design has selected the wireframe which has had the most success for usability and search engine optimization.  The next step was coming up with a design which would be neutral, elegant, and easily applicable to any business.

We are mostly excited for our clients.  The new business model will allow us to deliver quality websites in a quick and simple process. – Tim Taylor, Director of Business Development

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