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Lifetime Value from Dental SEO – The Importance of Ranking High

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When I moved to Michigan, two of my top priorities were finding a primary care physician and dentist. I was referred to my primary care physician but I was very picky about who would take care of my teeth. I typed in Dentist and my current city in Google and clicked on the first link in the search results. The website was organized, attractive and provided the relevant content I was interested about for my next appointment. Without even looking at the other search results in the query, I called the office, scheduled a visit, and have been a loyal patient for the last 6 years, nonetheless have referred at least a dozen more. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized the importance of that dentist office being ranked first in my google search and having a professional website to complement their ranking. Dental SEO is a term I never would have related to why my dentist office ranks first in a search when you type in “Dentist (City Name)”, although after being educated in SEO, I realize the importance of it now more than ever.

When I asked my dentist office how they ranked so high on Google, they told me they have a consulting company handle their website and pay a premium for SEO Optimization.  Pondering this information, I decided to call other dentist offices and see if they paid for SEO Optimization.  After a couple unhappy secretaries hung up on me and the other told me if they do or do not pay for Dental SEO optimization, I created an estimated study on Dental SEO costs and ROI.  To make a long study short, my dentist office paid $1600 a month for SEO Optimization which included links, high quality blogs, keyword research, social bookmarking, etc. Since I have been going to my dentist, they have had to change offices twice because of increase in size and patients, easily the largest grossing office in the city.  During my six years of being a loyal customer, I have referred at least twelve other customer who are loyal to them with at least three have multiple surgical operations carried out.  The first thought I had was that there ROI must be incredible.  Just from their SEO optimization they had hooked me, all my friends I referred, and all the other people like me who found them as the first result under google search.  In an industry where customer retention is vital to sustainable success and growth, ranking high in search engines with Dental SEO should be of the highest marketing priority.

Life Long Value From a Great Dental SEO Campaign

With our current state in technology, ignorance in online marketing and SEO can be very detrimental to a company’s short and long term sustainability.  If you do not have or aren’t seeking a professional, educational website with SEO optimization, it is very likely that your competition is and they are acquiring most or all of your potential customers.