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Investing in Good Design

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Few things are as integral to a modern business as a well-designed website. Your website is the face you present to the world, and these days, it’s how the vast majority of your customers will encounter your business for the first time. Those first few seconds in which to capture a customer or business associate’s first impression are possibly your most important interaction with a potential client. When a user clicks through to your site, waits for it to load, and finds the design clunky, poorly organized, or worse, unusable from their browser or device, it can have devastating effects on your business’ relationship with that individual. People’s eyes move quickly on the Web, and they expect that they will be able find the information they’re looking for as rapidly as they can read it. They will easily lose patience and head to a site they perceive as having more credibility, and the chance to gain a new customer will have been lost.

A site that is designed to attract and retain customers will, first and foremost, be easy to use. That means that it will load smoothly on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop.  It will be well thought-out with a clear and useful navigation menu. It will have eye-catching images, a pleasing color scheme, and enough interactivity to keep your potential customers interested and engaged. The contact info and other crucial information will not be hidden away, nor will it be so obtrusive that it keeps the user from immediately seeing and interacting with the other content you’ll be including on your site.

Most business owners realize that it’s just not feasible to function without a web presence. However, many still believe that as long as the site includes mostly accurate information, that this is sufficient. This is not the case. A modern website must be well laid out, attractive, and adaptable to devices of varying screen sizes. A poorly designed or out of date website is a signal that a business is behind the times, and if a business is unwilling to invest the time and money into good design, where else might the company be cutting corners? In short, good design is an essential investment.