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Brand-it Web Design & the Science of SEO

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One question that we hear all the time with our current and potential customers is, “how does SEO really work?” Because this is such a broad term and the actual science of SEO is continuously changing and evolving, it’s a hard answer to spin off in simple terms. As a basic definition, SEO can be defined as the practice of supporting and generating a positive influence on the visibility of a website or specific web page in a search engines organic search results. As opposed to pay-per-click or paid advertisements (which will normally display on the top of the search result page), organic search results are only the natural population of websites/web pages that are displayed when a specific term or keyword is searched for. Now, back to the first question, how does SEO really work?

When new sites are developed, Google sends out a spider that crawl your website to review and analyze it for hundreds of different indicators. These indicators will provide them with the necessary information to decide if your website is valuable or inefficient for the needs external users. Included in these indicators are content, traffic, backlinks, etc.

SEO Content Writing

The purpose of the internet is provide users with easily accessible answers and information in relation to the keywords and terms they are searching. The number one most important strategy to increase your websites SEO is to have fresh, new, useful, valuable, credible, relevant (you get the point) content that solves a person’s questions or problem. This will not only drive organic growth and traffic to your site, it will let Google know that your site needs to be ranked high because people are getting answers to their questions and problems solved by landing on your website. At Brand-It Web Design we always tell our clients to use their content as a way of building relationships with their customers (anyone who uses their website) and to add new content as much as possible (as long as it’s useful).

SEO Backlinks

The second important aspect to successful SEO is quality backlinks. A quality backlink means that the website linking back to yours is highly rated. For example, one website could have a thousand low-end backlinks and another website could have only three backlinks from credible/high traffic websites. The website with only three backlinks will be ranked a lot higher than those that do not organically obtain them. Not to say a thousand low-end backlinks aren’t useful, but credible backlinks are much more valuable. When you have great content on your site, people will link to you site from theirs. Quality over quantity is key.

SEO Optimized Website

Having a clean, efficiently optimized site is very important as well. Your website should be coded within the specifications of the latest trends in web design and have a quick load ability to promote the user experience. Nobody wants to browse a website with so many pictures and flash effects that it takes a minute to scroll between pages. Users want organized, easily accessible content, whatever it may be. Additionally, make sure there are no broken links or errors within the website as Google will heavily penalize a website in search ranking if left unkempt.

Brand-It Web Design is a Michigan Web Design and SEO company located in Rochester Hills. Brand-It provides cutting edge online marketing campaigns which connect businesses to new customers utilizing the latest in web technologies and web standards.

All websites from Brand-It are fully responsive and customizable for your business.  Our SEO Campaigns are always up to date, following the latest in Google’s Algorithms and modern trends on the web.  All SEO Campaigns come with Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) tracking software – Allowing you to watch your websites improvements in search on a monthly basis.